Quality HEAT TRANSFER labels in different materials, including polyamide, soft printable satins, including double-sided, and polyester for special treatments such as STONEWASHING, garment dyeing, bleaching, ECO washing. Anti-counterfeit labels are also available that use a special UV ink that assure the authenticity of the brand.

Let your imagination run wild because there are no limits on colours, designs, shapes and materials for the creation of your personal hanging label. Adds cachet and distinction when marketing your product.

EAS anti-tamper/counterfeit with RFID (radio frequency identification).

Fabric labels for clothing, fabrics and industrial textiles, are available in many different colours, sizes, shapes and finishes, in satin and taffeta or in high definition (HD) for an ultra-crisp image.

We have the technical capability to produce prestige labels with unique designs. A good label helps an item sell!

Benetton group G.A.Operation (Giorgio Armani) Luxury goods int. (Gucci)

BBB Spa (Boggi) Corenliani Spa Carlo pignatelli spa Olimpias Group Termotex group Bottega veneta